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Revifol The real uniqueness of our line is that we are the first to have Kukui Nut Oil. Kukui nut oil is scientifically proven to have a small enough molecule to penetrate into the hair so you see a difference. It strengthens the hair and gives it a lot of shine and elasticity. We are the first in the industry to use this ingredient so not many other companies have it.

Do not change shampoos, colors or conditioners, frequently. Use only those which suit your hair. Buy the Hair Care products after reading the labels carefully, as harmful chemical ingredients will lead to excessive hair loss. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and dry the hair very carefully.Rogaine for Women Foam needs to be applied properly for it to perform at its best. Here are a few tips on correctly administering the product on your problem areas.

High porosity hair on the other hand has an open cuticle layers and absorbs moisture and color treatments more easily. However overly porous hair releases moisture and becomes dry and dull. The best products for hair with a high porosity are moisturizes containing natural plant based oils, and mildly acidic rinse. Additionally one should avoid sulfate-based surfactants.